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Our services


Our service and repair team works tirelessly to provide a unique quality of service for maritime and stationary units as well as engines and gears. We carry out routine inspections as part of customer support packages that offer a wide range of individual options to suit requirements as well as regular service visits. Our maintenance and repair services are offered and executed 24/7. The SDT helpline is open to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We actively maintain a local supply of spare parts along the German coastline thanks to our branch offices in Wilhelmshaven, Stralsund and on Helgoland. Our local staff ensure response times are minimised and downtime reduced.

High-quality tools are needed to meet the increasing complexity and demands of contemporary propulsion systems. Special tools and the ongoing upskilling of our staff ensure the high quality of our services.

The personal protective equipment and safety-related training of our workforce is monitored and optimised continuously. As a certified company, we place particular emphasis on the safety of personnel and protection of the environment.

We have been working closely with leading companies of the maritime industry for many years. The quality and flexibility of our service offerings makes us a certified partner for:



Exhaust gas treatment