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Our services


Our team of engineers and technicians design and plan systems in close cooperation with the customer. Specially trained staff guarantee precise and timely execution of the individual steps at our own production facility. In order to meet our high quality standards, each system undergoes rigorous testing at our premises prior to delivery.

We have three test stations and a water brake test bench for testing systems with an overall capacity of 7.2 MW, as well as new or fully overhauled diesel engines. Our production facility additionally guarantees the safe and secure loading of systems weighing up to 30 t, irrespective of the weather conditions. Customers whose systems need to be tested on-site profit, in particular, from our mobile load banks and our portable instruments for measuring the volume and mass of objects and analysing structure-borne noises and exhaust gases.


Overview of SDT services:

  • Designing, manufacturing and selling classified power generation and propulsion systems to customer specific requirements
  • Designing and manufacturing special systems, e.g. low-noise, containerised, elastically-mounted and other units
  • Providing simulation systems for training purposes
  • Project planning, installing and maintaining exhaust gas cleaning systems
  • Fully overhauling engines and gears, including testing
  • Planning installation and retrofitting of propulsion and power generation systems
  • Overhauling components, replacement programme
  • Offering a flexible on-site service
  • Servicing electrical/electronic control units and monitoring systems
  • Supplying spare parts for components in maritime and stationary systems
  • Providing offshore-trained and equipped staff
  • Selling and marketing products and services